As a parent, one of your greatest concerns is ensuring your child’s health and wellbeing.  There may be a breakthrough in the management of peanut allergies for very young babies which was reported recently in the news. It’s natural to worry about allergies, especially when it comes to food. Peanut allergies are a common concern, and many parents avoid introducing peanut products to their infants for fear of a severe reaction.

A Recent Study

However, recent research suggests that early exposure to peanuts could actually reduce the risk of developing a peanut allergy. A new study from the UK found that introducing peanut products to babies as young as four months old could cut allergy rates by up to 77%.

The study involved over 800 infants who were at high risk of developing peanut allergies due to family history or eczema. Half of the babies were given smooth peanut butter or peanut snacks three times a week, while the other half were not given any peanut products until they were older. The results showed that the early introduction of peanuts significantly reduced the risk of developing an allergy.


This is exciting news for parents who want to reduce their child’s risk of developing a peanut allergy. However, it’s important to note that introducing peanuts to infants should be done carefully, and with the guidance of your health professional. Peanut products can be a choking hazard for young infants, so it’s crucial to choose the right type of product and introduce it gradually.

At our nursery, we understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for your child. We recommend that parents discuss this article with their GP or Health Visitor to determine if it’s appropriate for their child. If you choose to introduce peanuts to your baby, we encourage you to do so in a safe and controlled manner.

We also believe in the importance of educating parents about food allergies and the steps they can take to prevent them. Our practitioners are trained in allergy management, and we work closely with parents to ensure that we are aware of any allergies or sensitivities their child may have.

In conclusion, the recent research on the benefits of early peanut exposure is exciting news for parents who want to reduce their child’s risk of developing a peanut allergy. However, it’s important to introduce peanuts carefully and with the guidance of a health processional. At our nursery, we prioritise the health and safety of our children, and we encourage parents to do the same.

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