• Books to support children when someone is ill

    Explore recommended books to support children when someone is ill. These resources, endorsed by health professionals, help explain illness and provide emotional support for children and families. Find helpful books and additional online resources to navigate these challenging times.

  • Five to Thrive Approach for Early Childhood Development

    In our nursery, we believe in unlocking the full potential of every child through the Five to Thrive approach. Join us as we delve into responsive caregiving, nurturing relationships, and meaningful interactions that lay the foundation for lifelong success and well-being. Learn how our tailored practices and comprehensive training empower our team to create enriching experiences for young learners, fostering growth and connection every step of the way.

  • Benefits of Yoga

    Embark on a journey of mindfulness and connection with your child through yoga. Discover the transformative benefits of fostering mindfulness, strengthening family bonds, and promoting holistic well-being

  • communication friendly inclusive

    Discover how Teepee's award-winning commitment to inclusive education prioritises effective communication in adaptable spaces, fostering enhanced learning and social inclusion.

  • well-being excellence in Early Years

    Embark on a journey with Teepee Day Nursery as we redefine early years education through well-being excellence. Delve into our evidence-based approach, witness the positive impact on both children and staff Team, and explore the collaborative initiatives shaping a nurturing environment. Join us in creating a seamless space where every child can truly flourish. Welcome to a realm of holistic growth and well-being at Teepee Day Nursery.

  • Child Nutrition Hand Size Method

    At Teepee our commitment to fostering Balanced Child Nutrition is evident in our dedication to providing children with a healthy and balanced diet. However, determining appropriate portion sizes for Balanced Child Nutrition can be a challenge. Fortunately, there's a simple and effective method, the Hand Size Approach, that can guide us in ensuring children receive suitable portions: the Hand Size Approach.

  • safeguarding our children: NHS MMR Protection

    In the tapestry of parenthood, the health and well-being of our children always takes center stage.  As the school year kicks off, there's a buzz of excitement in the air, but it's crucial to be aware of a rising concern—measles. Over 102,000 children entering primary school in England might be at risk.  It is essential for parents and communities to join hands in ensuring our children stay healthy and we work together in safeguarding our children.

  • This blog explores what we mean when we say well-being for young children and what can we do at home to encourage a healthy sense of well-being for our young children.

  • Classes and Activities

    At Teepee, we understand that a child's emotional and mental health plays a crucial role in their learning and development.