Exciting Times Ahead!

Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming construction of a brand-new chicken coop and run for our beloved feathered friends. As our adorable chickens are starting to fledge, we believe this new addition will be an incredible experience for the children, fostering valuable life lessons and providing countless benefits.

Learning Responsibility Through Caring

Keeping chickens provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about responsibility. As they participate in feeding, cleaning, and nurturing these cute creatures, they develop a sense of duty and commitment. Witnessing the results of their actions, the children will understand the importance of taking care of living beings and the impact their actions have on others.

Connecting with Nature

In our fast-paced digital age, it’s crucial for children to have opportunities to connect with nature. The chicken coop and run will offer a slice of the outdoors right within our nursery grounds. Watching Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery pecking the ground, playing, and roosting will captivate their young minds and encourage a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Promoting Gentle Touch and Empathy

Interacting with chickens requires a gentle touch and understanding of their needs. As children learn to handle Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery with care, they develop empathy and compassion towards animals. These essential values extend beyond the coop, promoting kindness towards all living creatures they encounter in their lives.

Eggs-traordinary Learning Opportunities

With Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery come eggs, and fresh eggs at that! The children will be delighted to observe the process of egg-laying and learn about the cycle of life. Understanding where food comes from and the effort required to produce it will spark curiosity and open discussions about nutrition and sustainability.

Outdoor Adventures and Physical Activity

The chicken coop and run will serve as a hub of outdoor adventures for our little ones. As they engage in chicken-themed games, gather eggs, and explore the surroundings, they’ll enjoy physical activity and fresh air. Such activities help promote a healthy lifestyle and develop their gross motor skills.

A Sense of Pride and Ownership

Being involved in building the chicken coop and run will give the children a sense of pride and ownership. When they see the end result of their contributions, it fosters confidence and a sense of achievement. They will cherish the memories of their involvement for years to come.

Acquiring Life Skills

Keeping chickens at Teepee Day Nursery teaches children valuable life skills. From counting eggs to learning about various breeds and their characteristics, the coop becomes a classroom of practical knowledge. These skills extend beyond the nursery and build a foundation for their future learning endeavors.

Healthy Eating and Environmentally Friendly

By keeping chickens at Teepee Day Nursery you can’t get a shorter supply chain from ‘farm’ to fork and in your own garden!


With the new chicken coop and run on the horizon, Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery is set to embark on a feathered adventure like never before. As our Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery take flight, they will bring a world of joy, learning, and unforgettable experiences to the children. From nurturing responsibility and empathy to fostering a love for nature, the benefits of keeping Chickens at Teepee Day Nursery are immeasurable. We can’t wait to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they embark on this exciting journey alongside their new feathered friends. Stay tuned for updates on our egg-citing new project!

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