SchemaPlay Training Transforming Early Childhood Education at Teepee Day Nursery


Exciting news is in store for our Teepee community! This year, we embark on a journey to enrich early childhood education through SchemaPlay training Early Childhood Education. This initiative aims to achieve accreditation from the SchemaPlay Community Interest Company.  As well as aligning seamlessly with our belief in the transformative power of free-flow play.

Understanding Schemas:

Before diving into SchemaPlay training specifics, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of schemas. Schemas, patterns of repeated actions in children’s play, gradually evolve into complex concepts. Despite adults sometimes finding these activities peculiar, they are fundamental to a child’s understanding of the world. By recognising and understanding schemas grants early years practitioners insights into each child’s interests and cognitive processes.

SchemaPlay Training:

SchemaPlay offers comprehensive training tailored to deepen understanding of schematic play and child development. Engaging in SchemaPlay training empowers our educators with invaluable knowledge to effectively nurture children’s mastery behaviors and craft meaningful learning experiences. These sessions enable our team to recognise and leverage schemas.  Thus elevating the quality of education at Teepee and providing enriching educational experiences for our children.

Intersection of Schemas and Learning:

An intriguing aspect of SchemaPlay training lies in exploring how schemas intersect with learning across various domains. Understanding this connection equips educators to customise activities and experiences that resonate with each child’s unique cognitive processes. This personalised approach fosters deeper engagement and enhances the overall learning experience for young learners.


As we embark on this exciting SchemaPlay training journey, our commitment remains to keep our Teepee community informed every step of the way. We eagerly anticipate sharing our progress and insights gleaned from this transformative program. Together, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality early childhood education, nurturing the curiosity, creativity, and cognitive development of every child in our care. Stay tuned for further updates on this enriching endeavor!