Road Safety

Do you remember learning to cross the road?

Perhaps you recall lessons at school on the Green Cross Code or a parent or carer teaching you to stop, look, listen and think before crossing.

Teaching children about road safety from an early age is a really important thing that parents and carers can do.

It’s a topic that even the youngest children can learn something about because they will be using the roads (including pavements), whether they are walking, cycling, scooting or travelling as a passenger in a vehicle.

Road safety is best taught in a practical setting meaning that parents are ideally placed to discuss road safety topics such as safe and dangerous places to cross the road, and a great time to do this is while walking to and from school, going to the shops or park, or just walking around the local area. If you drive to school, why not park a little way away and walk the last part of the journey to give your children a chance to pick up some pedestrian skills. Children often mimic the behaviour of their parents and carers, so it is vital to be consistent and put into practice safe crossing techniques. Ultimately, parents and carers play an important role in preparing children to become independent travellers.

Here is a link to ‘Tales of the Road’ education resource to support you at home.