Safeguarding Our Children: NHS MMR Protection


In the tapestry of parenthood, the health and well-being of our children always takes center stage.  As the school year kicks off, there’s a buzz of excitement in the air, but it’s crucial to be aware of a rising concern—measles. Over 102,000 children entering primary school in England might be at risk.  It is essential for parents and communities to join hands in ensuring our children stay healthy and we work together in safeguarding our children.

Understanding Measles:

Measles, though concerning, can be prevented with a bit of knowledge and the right steps. It’s not about causing panic; it’s about staying informed and taking a proactive approach to keeping our children safe.

Making Vaccinations Less Stressful:

Vaccinations can be a worry for both children and parents. The MMR vaccination is available free of charge through the NHS.  The initial dose administered at one year and the subsequent dose at 3 years and 4 months.  It’s a simple and effective way to protect your children from measles, mumps, and rubella.

Childhood vaccination rates have fallen over the past ten years.  Measles is highly infectious and if left unvaccinated nine out of ten children in a classroom can catch the disease if just one child is infectious.

If you are unsure if you or your child are up to date, check your child’s red book or GP records.  You can make an
appointment to catch up any missed doses.

NHS vaccinations and when to have them – NHS (

Community Connection:

Protecting our children is a community effort.  By working together, we can create a supportive network.  This supports to ensure every Parent or Carer has access to the information they need.

NHS England is urging parents to check that their children are up to date with their MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccinations.


Measles prevention doesn’t have to be daunting.  Let’s share the positivity and ensure that every child is protected from preventable illnesses. Our children’s safety is a collective effort.  By coming together, we can make a significant impact in creating a healthier future for all.