As parents, we strive to provide the best for our children’s development. Among the many activities available, one stands out for its incredible benefits: reading stories. In this blog, we explore why reading stories with your young child is so important.

  1. Language Skills: Storytime introduces your child to a rich vocabulary and sentence structures, enhancing their communication and comprehension abilities.
  2. Imagination: Stories transport young minds to magical worlds, fuelling their creativity, and encouraging them to think beyond the ordinary.
  3. Cognitive Development: Through stories, children learn cause and effect, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, building a strong foundation for academic success.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Characters in stories experience a range of emotions, helping children understand and manage their own feelings while fostering empathy and emotional intelligence.
  5. Bonding and Connection: Sharing story-time with your child creates special moments of connection, strengthening the parent-child relationship and cultivating a love for reading.
  6. Literacy Skills: Early exposure to books and stories sets the stage for future reading success, as children develop phonemic awareness and a passion for learning.

What can you do at home?

  • Making a habit and ritual of reading a book every day to your child has a phenomenal effect.  Some families follow the bath; book; bed ritual.
  • Consider going to story-time at your local library

What do we do at nursery?

  • Reading books with the children either individually or in small groups is an important part of what we do
  • We have a Book Swap at the nursery to help keep things fresh and add the variety.


Embrace the power of story-time as a daily ritual, igniting your child’s imagination, enhancing their language skills, and nurturing their emotional and cognitive development. Reading stories together creates cherished memories and lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning. Let the magic of story-time begin!

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