Continuing our series of blogs on settling your child we often get asked about the ideal booking pattern at nursery and we would say that continuity is best.

We need to feel secure and settled to play, learn and enjoy ourselves and after the last couple of years of the pandemic never has this been more so.  Whilst it can seem most logical to start with one day and see how your child settles and then build up from there, we find that children need more regularity and continuity with their childcare provider to establish bonds with their key worker and room team.  One day is one day out of seven; with six days in-between. This is why we will always suggest at least two days or more for any booking pattern.  Basically, the more the better.

We do have the option for one day.  This is because each child is different, and you know your child, but we would always want to caveat with the need for a longer trial period and more pre-visits and settling-in sessions in the run up to, and even after starting.

When you are considering us, or any other childcare provider, do talk to us as part of the decision-making process to help guide your decision making.  We are always here to help; so do just give us a call or drop us a message.

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