The Most Important Job in the World

In their first five years, children grow, change and develop more than at any other time in their life. The greatest changes of all occur before they reach the age of one. Working with children in the Early Years is all about nurturing young children, supporting their early learning, providing play activities and offering subtle teaching that helps them explore and develop. It’s also about creating good relationships with each child’s parents and working with them to support their child. All this is why it’s the most important job in the world, and we make sure we give our people the respect they deserve for doing it.

Staff Playing With Children
Woman playing with child

A Rewarding Career Path

Working with children in early years is an exciting and rewarding career. Early Years practitioners are never bored! No two days are the same; no two children are the same; and no child is the same two days running! You have to use your skill and judgement about how to work with each child, and how to help them develop and grow. Here are some reasons why our Early Years colleagues love their careers:

  • It’s fun and full of variety
  • It’s highly skilled
  • Great team working
  • Training opportunities
  • Great career progression
  • Flexibility – it’s a career that can work around you and your life
  • The relationships you build up within the team and with the children and parents
  • Responsibility for children’s wellbeing, learning and development
  • It’s rewarding and fulfilling – you really make a difference
  • If this appeals to you, and if you have a passion for working with young children and their families, then Early Years could be the career for you.

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There is no better feeling than waking up excited to go to work – and that’s me!
Becca, Deputy Manager
The support and encouragement I receive in my role have enabled me to thrive both personally and professionally
Vicki, Business Manager
I am working on my level 3 qualification and Teepee is the perfect place for me to learn
Jasmine, Early Years Practitioner