Home-Cooked Food

We place great importance on the food we serve to the children: breakfast, lunch, tea, as well as two substantial snacks. Mealtimes are a chance to learn social skills by eating together, as well as providing energy for the next activity. As soon as a child is able to sit up, they join the others at the table.

All the meals are cooked from scratch and we really do sit down and eat as a ‘family’. We cater for allergies, and religious and personal preferences, and we have a five star rating for our food hygiene from the Environmental Health team in Bracknell. It’s the highest level there is. In 2016, Teepee achieved the Children’s Food Trust Outstanding Award. At the time, we became one of only 20 nurseries in Berkshire to have this rating. Adam Starkey, Chair of the Children’s Food Trust, said: “The Children’s Food Trust exists to protect every child’s right to eat better and so, to do better. Teepee Day Nursery sets a great example. Congratulations to the whole team.”

Our Awards

We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve achieved many awards over the years, especially Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ three times in a row.

Our Menus

We have refined our menus over the years to provide a healthy-balanced diet in dishes that the children love. Our two-week seasonal summer and winter menus provide just the right about of variation yet familiarly of dishes that the children love.

Our Chef

  • Zoe

    Teepee is a small intimate setting, the team gets to know and understand the child and their needs, every child is unique!

Child eating with a fork

Allergies & Guidance

We have experience of looking after children with complex allergies and intolerances, as well as religious and personal preferences. This process starts from the moment that you book with us. By working together with you we find out more about the specific needs of your child and we can quickly and smoothly implement our procedures to help meet every child’s needs.

You’ll be pleased to know that all of our practitioner team are trained in paediatric first aid, as well as how to we manage dietary allergies.