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Every day’s a new experience

Every day is full of new learning and play experiences but each follows the same structure so as to reassure the children through familiarity and routine and teach them what is now; and what is next.
The routine in the baby suite is governed by each child’s home routine and the practitioner team skilfully combine these like magic to make it work. As the children get older these routines tend to harmonise into a typical day in the toddler and preschool suites.


Our nursery opens at 7am, and we are here to we welcome you and your child with a warm smile and friendly greeting. After you have signed your child in, we start our day together with breakfast. After breakfast, we have a short period of time where all the children can engage in free play. We encourage child-led play as it allows children to choose their activities and express their creativity.

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Focus Child-Led Curriculum

This takes up most of the morning and afternoon, punctuated by meals and snacks. We follow the Focus Child’s interests, skilfully engaging in their play and extending the children’s learning. These interests will naturally morph and change over the session. The children choose to go in and outside during this time.

It is in this time that our specialist teachers also visit us.

Meal and Snack Times

We serve breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, and afternoon tea at 4pm. We also eat a substantial snack mid-morning and again after sleep and naptime.

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Cots in the Cuddly Cubs Area

Sleep and rest

We know that sleep is critical for brain development. We convert all of our spaces into cosy sleep areas during the course of the day.

For the younger babies we follow each child’s home routine. Most toddler and younger preschool children tend to get tired and want a sleep or rest after lunch. Everyone snuggles down and we often use this time to practice some mindfulness or yoga with the older children who do not want to sleep.
We even offer the option for your baby to sleep outdoors if you would like. There are numerous benefits of letting babies sleep outside. This is a common practice in many cultures around the world, especially in Scandinavia.

It is believed that exposure to natural light and fresh air can have a positive impact on a baby’s overall health and well-being. Studies have shown that babies who sleep outside tend to have more regular sleep patterns, which can promote better sleep quality and quantity. The natural environment can also help to regulate a baby’s body temperature, reducing the risk of overheating or chilling. In our experience (and from studies too) we find that spending time outside can have a calming effect on babies, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Pick Up

We understand that picking up your child at the end of the day can be an exciting and busy time.

There will always be a manager on the entrance to welcome you but if they have been pulled away, then the office door is always ‘open’ for a quick chat or to arrange a longer meeting.

When you arrive to pick up your child from their room, this is a great opportunity to find out about your child’s day so you can chat about it on the way home.

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