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We are a small, family-feel setting. Like any business, small have certain advantages but it really all boils down to a matter of personal taste.

Small family-feel businesses have a number of benefits over larger chain nurseries. First and foremost, we believe they offer a more personalized experience for customers. We work hard to attract and retain our team, which has the advantage of team stability for you and your child. Additionally, small nurseries often have a greater degree of flexibility and agility than larger chains, allowing us to respond quickly to changing and adapt the way we work. Never was this more true than in the pandemic.


We have an array of national awards. We use these to ensure that we are always seeking to improve. Even though we are only small, we are able to compare ourselves directly with the ‘big boys’. And you can too!

Our awards cover a huge range from health and safety, to quality, to outdoor learning, to team happiness and wellbeing. What’s more we are always growing and improving and always have one or two awards that we are currently striving for. In 2023 these include a wellbeing award as well as an award which specifically supports children’s communication skills.

Award-winning also includes Ofsted ‘Outstanding’. The Ofsted inspection for Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell in July 2019 (and the two previous inspections) judged us to be ‘Outstanding’ – the highest rating that a childcare provider or school can achieve. In fact, we’re the only day nursery in Bracknell ever to have received this judgement.

Teepee awards near the front door
Outdoor play area with pots and plants

Open From 7am to 7pm

Teepee Day Nursery, Bracknell is the only nursery in the area that’s open 12 hours a day. We know that juggling work and childcare can be tricky, which is why we offer 7am until 7pm childcare. Most of our parents don’t use the full 12 hours every day, but find it reassuring to know that we’re here from early to late if needed.

Whether you’ve got an early start or a late finish, you don’t need to arrange alternative childcare, which means it’s easier for you and there’s no disruption for the children. Maybe you commute? So having the flexibility to drop of and pick up your children any time within a 12-hour period (7-7) builds in some slack to cope with being stuck in trafic, problems with the trains, or meetings that overrun.

Convenient, Quiet Location

Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell is in a convenient, quiet location in Hanworth, near South Hill Park. We’re close to Bracknell town centre, just of the A3095, with good links to the M4, M3 and A329(M). We also have a car park, which makes drop-of and collection very easy.

Our nursery is beautifully refurbished and full of large, airy spaces. We have a free fow system, with butchers’ curtains to the outdoors, so the children are free to go outside whenever they please. We’re lucky to have a woodland area in the nursery grounds, and part of the forest is just over the fence. We have qualifed Forest School practitioners on our team, who know how to make the most of outdoor learning and the woodland on our doorstep.

Teepee large outdoors garden area
tree leaves in front of clear blue skies

Value For Money

Here at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell we offer real value for money, with high-quality childcare at affordable prices. Our fees are all-inclusive, so meals and snacks, formula milk, specialist classes, nappies, wipes and creams are all included. There are no hidden extras. You can view our nursery fees to get an idea of what the price would be for your child.

We partner with lots of local businesses and offer a discount to their employees. Find out more when you book a visit. We’re happy to set up new partnerships if your employer isn’t already on our list, and we also offer a sibling discount and a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme

Parental Involvement

We like to involve parents as much as possible – beginning even before you sign up. Before your child starts at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, we invite you to as many pre-visits as you want. We also visit you at home to find out about you, your child and their routine.
Once your child is at Teepee, you’ll be kept informed of what they’re up to and how they are doing. Observations of the children are regularly updated on our smartphone app.

You’re invited in for your child’s Focus Week; our special way of delivering our curriculum. We also hold social events throughout the year: Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, leavers and Christmas parties. We also offer talks for parents on topics such as tantrums, potty training, and moving to school.

Parent holding her young baby smiling
Carer looking after two children as they play

Happy, Friendly Team

You can trust us absolutely with looking after your children. We have a happy team, ranging from postgraduate teachers to apprentices, and train them to our own high standards. A happy team, where all the practitioners feel invested in, is a stable team.

Incidentally, we never, ever use agency staff. Each child has a dedicated key person, and if their key person is away for any reason, your child will have another key person whom they already know and who knows them.

Loving Care

At Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, we take the utmost care of your children. The children are looked after in small groups, and we have a stable, caring, hand-picked team. We never use agency staff – not ever. We also have a dedicated admin team, which frees up our manager and our practitioners to be with the children.

We bespoke our care of the youngest children by following your home routine. We take the time to find out about you and your child before you start with us, and even visit you at home to find out more. We are so able to individualize our routine we even offer you the choice of your baby sleeping inside or out.

Carer with two children outdoors
Child talking on a toy phone

Starting with Us

Our attention to detail starts from the moment you register with us. We really do spend the time to find out about you and your child. We have a suite of questionnaires to complete, which the room team reviews before they make contact.

A month or so before your start date we ask you if you would like us to visit you at home to introduce ourselves and also observe your baby or child relaxed and playing at home. We then arrange previsits with you to come and settle you and your child. We don’t prescribe the number of visits that you can have but we find that three usually works. We arrange these at different points of the day and gradually extend their length over the time. These tend to run over the fortnight before you start with us.

After your child’s first day, to continue to help them settle we quickly arrange for them to be our Focus Child, arranging our weekly curriculum around them. This way we can get to know them further and the parent meeting at the end is an ideal time to ask those longer questions.
We are always on-hand and here to support you both.

Our Environmental Commitment

We want to do our bit to manage our carbon footprint.

From installing double-glazing and LED lights, reducing our use of single-use plastics, to teaching the children about recycling and food waste we always want to make a difference for the future of our world.

Garden area
You have amazing parent partnership, parents are really encouraged to be part of their child’s learning journey
Assessor, JustQuality
I am so impressed with your evidence of your daily practice, I have decided you really are exceptional
Assessor, JustQuality
It is clear that the senior management team is strong
Assessor, Quality Counts