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Outdoor sleeping: the benefits

Most Scandinavian parents put their babies and toddlers outside for their nap. The theory is: fewer coughs and colds

What to expect, when?

Guidance to your child’s learning and development from birth to age five

Weaning chart and baby-led weaning

Here's our weaning chart and baby-led weaning factsheet

Daily routine: Babies

Here is the daily routine for our youngest children, the babies in the Cubs room

Evening snack suggestions

At Teepee, we provide 85% of a child's daily recommended energy intake (REI). Here are some suggestions for the remaining 15%

Ofsted Report 2019

Proof that Ofsted has rated us as 'Outstanding' in every respect. Read here for the detailed findings

Nursery policies & procedures: Summary for parents

Summary of our main policies, procedures and responsibilities. You need to read and confirm your understanding to this before you can start at the nursery.

Daily routine: Pre-Schoolers

Here is our daily routine for the pre-schoolers - the Panthers

New starter questionnaire: Pre-Schoolers

If your pre-schooler is about to start at Teepee, please download and complete this questionnaire

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