Everyone chooses their day nursery for different reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why our parents have chosen Teepee Day Nursery, Bracknell to look after their children:

  • Award-winning including Ofsted ‘Outstanding’
  • Open 7 to 7
  • Loving care
  • Convenient and quiet location
  • Value for money
  • Forest School
  • Classes and activities
  • Home-cooked food
  • Safety is a priority
  • Learning through play
  • Happy team
  • Happy parents
  • Ethos and vision.
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Award-winning including Ofsted ‘Outstanding’. The Ofsted inspection for Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell in July 2019 (and the two previous inspections) judged us to be ‘Outstanding’ – the highest rating that a childcare provider or school can achieve. In fact, we’re the only day nursery in Bracknell ever to have received this award. And we’ve won lots of other awards too.

  • Millie’s Mark – for paediatric first aid
  • Quality Counts Platinum – for quality throughout the Nursery
  • Investors in People Gold – for the way we work as a team, and invest in our team
  • Children’s Food Trust Outstanding – for our food and menus

The Ofsted report for Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell can be viewed here.

Teepee Day Nursery Awards

The quality of teaching is consistently excellent.

Ofsted Inspector

Open From 7am to 7pm

Open From 7am to 7pm

Teepee Day Nursery, Bracknell is the only nursery in the area that’s open 12 hours a day. We know that juggling work and childcare can be tricky, which is why we offer 7am until 7pm childcare. Most of our parents don’t use the full 12 hours every day, but find it reassuring to know that we’re here from early to late if needed.

Whether you’ve got an early start or a late finish, you don’t need to arrange alternative childcare, which means it’s easier for you and there’s no disruption for the children. Maybe you commute? So having the flexibility to drop off and pick up your children any time within a 12-hour period (7-7) builds in some slack to cope with being stuck in traffic, problems with the trains, or meetings that overrun.

The nursery is a home from home. The staff are very welcoming and friendly, and adore working with the children.

Michelle, mother of Jacob (4)

Loving Care

At Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, we take the utmost care of your children. The children are looked after in small groups, and we have a stable, caring, hand-picked team. We never use agency staff – not ever. We also have a dedicated admin team, which frees up our manager and our practitioners to be with the children. These are some of our values:

  • Feeling safe, feeling heard: When children feel safe, cared for, nurtured and loved, they thrive.
  • Always learning: We encourage the children to learn and grow by providing their first formal education.
  • Being healthy and well: We make sure the children are healthy by providing nutritious food, a clean and tidy setting, and lots of opportunity to run around.
Loving Care

If nurseries were flowers I’d pick you!

Jake (5)

Convenient Quiet Location

Convenient, Quiet Location

Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell is in a convenient, quiet location in Hanworth, near South Hill Park. We’re close to Bracknell town centre, just off the A3095, with good links to the M4, M3 and A329(M). We also have a car park, which makes drop-off and collection very easy.

Our nursery is beautifully refurbished and full of large, airy spaces. We have a free flow system, with butchers’ curtains to the outdoors, so the children are free to go outside whenever they please. We’re lucky to have a woodland area in the nursery grounds, and part of the forest is just over the fence. We have qualified Forest School practitioners on our team, who know how to make the most of outdoor learning and the woodland on our doorstep.

After 7 years I can’t believe the time has finally come to say goodbye! I certainly made the right decision in choosing Teepee.

Andrea, mother of Lauren (7) and Megan (5)

Value For Money

Here at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell we offer real value for money, with high-quality childcare at affordable prices. Our fees are all-inclusive, so meals and snacks, formula milk, specialist classes, nappies, wipes and creams are all included. There are no hidden extras. You can view our nursery fees to get an idea of what the price would be for your child.

We partner with lots of local businesses and offer a discount to their employees. Find out more when you book a visit. We’re happy to set up new partnerships if your employer isn’t already on our list, and we also offer a sibling discount and a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme.

Value For Money

It doesn’t feel like we leave our daughter at nursery. It honestly feels like we’re leaving her with friends.

Debs, mother of Felicity (2)

Forest School

Forest School

We’re lucky to have a woodland area in the nursery grounds, and part of the forest is just over the fence. The children can choose whether to play indoors or outdoors. The forest area offers the older children a magical hideaway in which they can explore nature, build dens and problem-solve together, guided by our qualified Forest School practitioners.

It’s a fact that playing in a natural outdoor environment helps increase a child’s confidence, independence and self-esteem. From age three upwards, the children at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell have weekly Forest School sessions. It’s a back-to-nature style of learning; a get-your-wellies-on-and-play sort of learning. The children learn all sorts of things, such as how to build a den, light a campfire, climb a tree, and create a picture by bark-rubbing. It’s more risky and more challenging – both for the child and the activity leader – but infinitely more rewarding and fun than playing indoors all the time. With the added bonus of increasing self-confidence and independence too!

Opportunities for children’s outdoor learning are truly awe-inspiring.

Ofsted Inspector

Classes and Activities

The team at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell never stands still, because we know that our children won’t – literally. We’re constantly developing our activities to keep your child on their toes, physically and mentally. Activities are always changing, but making use of the woodland on our doorstep through the Forest School programme is a constant. Other activities, which all involve creativity, science, self-esteem – as well as general development and fun – include:

  • Cookery: With our nursery chef. Not only baking, but also making pasta or chopping up vegetables that we have grown.
  • Music: We have music sessions with the children every day, varying the music and instruments according to their interests.
  • Dance: Our dance teacher, Amy, comes in once a week. There’s a ‘watch session’ at the end of every term, so parents can see what their children are doing. See Aldance
  • Gardening Club: Every spring we sow a selection of vegetables and flowers and enjoy watching them grow. For instance, we plant potatoes – and the children enjoy digging them up and eating them for lunch.
  • French: This is not vocab and grammar! It’s bilingual singing, music and movement classes. See Bilingual Singing
  • Baby Signing: Research indicates that this helps the development of a baby’s brain. Whatever the case, it’s fun! The classes come to us at Teepee. See Baby Signing
Classes and Activities

I’d like to thank all the lovely staff for the wonderful care they have given Finn and Lala during their time at Teepee.

Claire, mother of Finn (3) and Lala (1)

Home Cooked Food

Home-Cooked Food

We place great importance on the food we serve to the children: at breakfast, lunch, tea, and two snacks. Mealtimes are a chance to learn social skills by eating together, as well as providing energy for the next activity. As soon as a child is able to sit up, they join the others at table.

All the meals are freshly cooked – there’s no processed food here at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell. We cater for allergies, and religious and personal preferences, and we have a five star rating for our food hygiene from the Environmental Health team in Bracknell. It’s the highest level there is. In 2016, Teepee achieved the Children’s Food Trust Outstanding Award. At the time, we became one of only 20 nurseries in Berkshire to have this rating. Adam Starkey, Chair of the Children’s Food Trust, said: “The Children’s Food Trust exists to protect every child’s right to eat better and so, to do better. Teepee Day Nursery sets a great example. Congratulations to the whole team.”

The team have helped me through teething, not sleeping, biting, hitting and now potty training.

Tracey, mother of Finley (2)

Child Safety

At Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, your child is in safe hands. We take safety very seriously. We are all qualified in paediatric first aid and are trained to deal with emergencies – including our wonderful chef. One of our directors is a chartered Health and Safety consultant. But we also know how to strike the balance between keeping the children safe and letting them take the right amount of risk in their play.

We’re proud to have been awarded Millie’s Mark, which is England’s gold standard in paediatric first aid. To get the Millie’s Mark endorsement we had to demonstrate that we go above and beyond typical day nursery safety standards. We were one of the first early years’ settings to get this award, and the only nursery in Berkshire. Millie’s Mark accreditation allows us to feel confident in our team, and gives you confidence in everyone who looks after your child.

Child Safety

Teepee has made the transition back to work easy. The staff are great, the quality of care is great, and Jack loves it.

Kelly, mother of Jack (3)

Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

At Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, your child will have the best preparation for school – without even realising it. Learning through play is the best sort of learning, but we don’t follow the traditional method of set topics and set activities. Instead we follow the child’s interests – it’s called ‘learning in the moment’, or child-led learning. To do that, we’ve got creative practitioners, fantastic facilities packed full of toys and equipment, and plenty of space to play, inside and out.

We focus on a different child each week, talk to their parents to ask about their interests, and develop activities around them. Whatever it is – say, animals, trains, dinosaurs – our practitioners devise games and learning opportunities on that theme for that week. This means that our team have to know each of the children really well, respect the power of play, be prepared to take a back seat, and change their plans in the blink of an eye. The Ofsted inspectors recognised our skill in this. They said: “The practitioners see every moment as a potential learning opportunity and make the very best use of these to enhance children’s potential to gain further knowledge and skills. As a result, all children make rapid progress.”

Teepee Day Nursery go so far beyond their legal obligations. The care and attention given to my daughter is second to none.

Lauren, mother of Bella (1)

Happy Team

You can trust us absolutely with looking after your children. We have a happy team, ranging from postgraduate teachers to apprentices, and train them to our own high standards. A happy team, where all the practitioners feel invested in, is a stable team.

Incidentally, we never, ever use agency staff. Each child has a dedicated key person, and if their key person is away for any reason, your child will have another key person whom they already know and who knows them. Emma Tennant, Director of Teepee Day Nursery, Bracknell, leads from the top. Emma has a Master’s Degree in Education, specialising in early years, and instils her passion for children and education in the whole team. It’s all part of why we have the Investors In People Gold Award.

Happy Team

The support process to help my son settle in has been amazing. I feel really confident leaving him at Teepee.

Kerri-Ann, mother of Jake (1)

Happy Parents

Happy Parents

We like to involve parents as much as possible – beginning even before you sign up. Before your child starts at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell, we invite you to as many pre-visits as you want. We also visit you at home to find out about you, your child and their routine.

Once your child is at Teepee, you’ll be kept informed of what they’re up to and how they are doing. Observations of the children are regularly updated on the ParentZone smartphone app. For the younger ones, this will be a diary about how long they’ve slept, what they’ve eaten, nappy changes, and so on. Every time you collect your child, you’ll also have a verbal handover.

We hold social events throughout the year: Mothers’ Day, Sports Day, Fathers’ Day, summer and Christmas parties, and end-of-term invitations to watch what the children have been doing all term. We also offer talks for parents on topics such as tantrums, potty training, and moving to school.

Partnerships with parents are superb. Parents value the excellent advice, feedback and support they receive.

Ofsted Inspector

Ethos and Vision

Our ethos at Teepee Day Nursery Bracknell is to bridge the gap between small owner-operators and the large chains of nurseries. We’re professional with a real personal touch, and our vision, which has proved to be an award-winning formula, is “Happy children + Happy team + Happy parents = Happy all round!”

  • Happy children are children who feel safe, secure and nurtured
  • A happy team is a stable, well-trained team, invested in by the company (we have Investors In People Gold Standard)
  • Happy parents tell us they’re happy because their children are happy. Have a look at daynurseries.co.uk
Ethos and Vision